L'Agenda du Libre

The Free Software events

Propose an event

This page lets you submit an event. It will not appear automatically, it will first be validated by a moderator. An electronic mail will be sent to the submitter's email when the event will be moderated.

Important recommandations

The moderation team may modify the event's description, to complete it, make it more readable or agreable.


Repeated events will be generated during validation. You will receive by mail edition and cancellation links

Describe with as much precision as possible your event

Associated to the city and region, it will generate an OpenStreetMap map, displayed alongside the event

Direct link to a page with more information on the event

Contact's email address, obfuscated so that spammers won't understand it

Submitter's email address. It will only be used by the moderators to contact the person who proposed the event, to inform her about her acceptation or rejection. If this address is absent, the contact's will be used

Separated with spaces, contain letters, numbers and hyphens. Add the event's organisation(s), but not the city or region.