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Montréal Linux-Meetup Montréal

On Tuesday 3 February 2015 from 17h30 to 22h00.

1100, rue Notre-Dame Ouest (angle Peel, au sud), H3C 1K3, Montréal, Montréal

On poursuit l'année 2015 en beauté alors que le prochain Linux-Meetup se tiendra à l'École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS). Pour notre prochaine rencontre, nous accueillerons Ron Brash (développeur en systèmes embarqués sous Linux) qui nous fera deux présentations : • Embedded Systems 101 - what to remember and an example use-case of OpenWRT : o Introduce embedded technologies, but to also provide some side knowledge about the questions you should ask when creating an embedded product before production and during development. • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) - a quick swim in the ocean of packets : o Summarize the overall process to create a DPI. Present you some of the challenges when doing so and some techniques to get started using Open-source libraries http://www.meetup.com/Linux-Montreal/events/219143038/