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Montréal An Introduction to the SAFE API

Date et lieu

Le jeudi 13 octobre 2016 de 18h30 à 21h30.

Yap Lounge 3485, Boulevard St-Laurent Montréal Montréal


Let’s learn how to build apps for the SAFE Network!

The SAFE Network is a decentralized data storage and communications network that provides a secure, efficient and no-cost infrastructure for app developers.

Here are some examples of open source apps that have been built using the REST API exposed by SAFE Launcher:


David will first explain what SAFE Launcher is and why developers should use it. He will then present the high-level APIs (Authorization, NFS and DNS) exposed by SAFE Launcher. He will also demo 2 apps he built: SafeEditor and SafeNote.

Francis will present the new low-level APIs (Structured Data, Immutable Data, Appendable Data and Data Identifier) exposed by SAFE Launcher. He will then explain the first 2 tutorials of the SAFE Dev Tutorials series. He will also talk about the new SAFE API Docs website.

Both presentations will be in French.


18:30 – Doors open
19:00 – First presentation
19:45 – Break
20:00 – Second presentation
20:45 – Discussion in small groups


Adresse web https://montreal.safenetwork.org/events/an-introduction-to-the-safe-api/