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Montréal Hackathon redis/nodejs/mongodb

From Friday 16 December 2011 at 17h30 to Saturday 17 December 2011 at 20h00.

51 Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, Montréal


Montreal nodejs, mongodb, redis Christmas hackathon

Node.js fans, rejoice! Come Dec 17th to a full day hackathon where you will get to build a web app with nodejs, mongodb, and redis.

Beginners are welcomed: we are also organizing a full 3 hours workshop the day before the event, where you will get a crash course on node.


- Friday Dec 16th: Workshop

5.30pm: registration + drinks
6.00pm: James A Duncan, nodejs and Joyent
6.20pm: Christian Joudrey, fringedev: "Building your first Node app with Express"
6.40pm: Gabriel Lespérance: nodejs, redis and mongo at wavome
7.00pm: Cloudfoundry demo, with Ian Rae and Will Stevens from cloudops

We will have then the workshop, Q&A, help setting up modules, setting up dev environment, up until 9.00pm

- Saturday Dec 17th Hackathon

9.00am: breakfast with tasty bagels!
9.30am: hackathon begins
12.00: lunch by ChefCallOnDelivery
5.30pm: hacakthon ends, each team or individual presents
6.30pm: each judge give technical review of each project. The winner (or winning team) gets a $300 gift card from Futureshop.


We have 3 expert judges who will each provide thoughtful feedback on your day’s work


Coffee, food and beer will be provided during the workshop and the hackathon. Notman House will provide the space and also wireless. Joyent will provide hosting. Cloudops will help you deploy. Just bring your laptop!

Web Applications

Entries should be publicy accessible web applications. It’s hard for judges to fairly evaluate entries that require compilation or setup. Extra points will be given to applications with the code available on github.

Web services, APIs, Libraries

We encourage use of third-party web services and their APIs (e.g. Facebook, twitter, Google maps, Montreal open data). Everyone loves mashups.

Libraries and modules that are freely available are allowed and encouraged. During judging, please list all libraries that you use to give credit.

Ownership and Open Source

The code you write is yours. If you intend to share it after the competition, you can pick whatever license you love. We encourage contestants to open source their code, but it’s totally up to you.


This event has been made possible thanks to the generous support of wavo.me and CloudOps


Visit wavo.me, a new founderfuel graduate and funded startup, looking for part-time and full-time developers.

Embrace the cloud with CloudOps: migrate, optimize, and run cloud-based applications.

Appliations are open now for Founderfuel's second accelerator cohort.  Apply now!

Github is offering participants a coupon which grants a 30-day free trial of GitHub's "bronze" plan. They can use it during the event to create an organization, setup private repos and push their code / collaborate online.

We'll also have GitHub/Octocat stickers !


Organizers: Conor Clarke, Wavome, and Heri, MontrealTechWatch
Made in special collaboration with FringeDev
Thanks: NotmanHouse for hosting the event