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Montréal Formation à la Sécurité Numérique gratuite

From Tuesday 5 November 2013 at 14h00 to Thursday 7 November 2013 at 18h00.

5605 de Gaspé, suite 204, Montréal, Montréal

(en anglais parceque le cours sera donné en anglais)

Not-for-profit Digital Security tech group eQualit.ie will be running another two free training sessions covering basic Internet and computer security. The training will take
place between 2-6pm on Tuesday and Thursday 5 & 7th Nov @
www.station-c.com 5605 de Gaspe, suite 204.
There are limited places and the invitation is extended especially to
those who have already participated in the TA3M CryptoClasses events
(note: we will not be covering public key encryption this time). Some
of the topic ranges include:

- - Introduction to digital security
- - Securing and protecting your computer
- Overview of Malware, Viruses, Security exploits
- Firewalls &  Virus scanners
- System updates
- - Secure password creation and management
- - Secure data storage and secure data destruction
- - Secure communications

RSVP to gerard @ equalit . ie